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Meet The Team

Branding Team

Branding team has a role of arranging and directing perception of customers towards the respective brands under Of course, the goal is to give each brand its own uniqueness, to differ from mainstream markets. This particular team also does various activities and communication techniques to create astounding visuals, credibility, character and perceptions that is catered to its respective brand market.

Marketing Team

A team that arranges business strategies, specifically to promote buying and selling of products under Marketing team specifies on making online and offline advertisements that supports sales. Moreover, marketing team also ensures the products sold are sent to customers safely.

Finance Team

The role of this team is to handle Foodstory's financial management, supervising each transactional activities, and manage financial alocations to be well suited to the financing systems available. Moreover, finance team also makes policies in order to create a healthy financial environment for the company.

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